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A Brief Introduction Of 1734-OB8S&1734-IB8S Allen Bradley

The Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8S Safety Output Module has hard-state outputs and arrives in 2 series (A & B.) It has a dual-station mode that will control any redundancy utilizing 2 output signals. The A B 1734-OB8S Series has 8 Current sourcing outputs per unit. This 1734-OB8S output has a 1A output current per channel. Its pulsation width is 475 micro/s with a pulse period of 575 mill sec. It has a maximum field capacitor limit/output of 950 NF. Its voltage droplet ranges to 0.165 Volts & it has a current outflow of 0.1 MA at most. It has short-circuited detection with a grouping of short, low, high, and cross-circuit fault recognition. The short-circuit is electronically secured & its output can combine a current of 8A.

1769-OB32 Allen Bradley

The Solo-Channel mode utilizes one output signal for giving control. Under the mode, the unit is qualified for utilize in applications that need Safety Category 2 & rated up to including performance Level d / SIL CL2 when this Point Mode arrangement of the channels are constructed for Safety Pulse Test. The 1734 OB8S Input Module is permitted for use in safety requests not less than 600 ms procedure safety times. It may also be utilized in applications with demand rates not higher than 1 demand per minute.

The Double-Channel mode uses both output channels that empowers redundant control for use in applications that need Safety Category of 3 & 4 and rated up to including performance level e / SIL CL3 when the Point Mode formation of the channels are organized for Safety Pulse Test.

Know About 1734-IB8S

The 1734-IB8S is an Allen-Bradley industrial module utilized in applications with SIL (Safety Instrumentation Level) needs. This unit is a POINT Guard IO Safety module with 8 Current Sinking Input Channel & 4 pulse Current Sourcing Pulse Test Outputs.

This unit is generally utilized in applications that achieve safety applications such as Gate Switches, Emergency Stop Push Button, Light Curtains & other safety devices may be linked to this module. It structures a channel with Dual-channel mode ability for estimating consistency of 2 input signals that allows the module to be utilized in applications that with Safety Category 3 & 4.

The 1734-IB8S input module may also be utilized in Solo-Channel mode. This mode estimates a single signal, which then permits the module to be utilized in application with Safety Group 2.

Roc Automation also has the collection of the 1769-OB32 Allen Bradley that belong to the 1769 Compact I/O. This compact-state device is a distinct output sourcing module that is made by Allen-Bradley for use with MicroLogix 1500 controllers as well as CompactLogix Controllers.

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