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I/O Modules

Allen Bradley 1769-IF16C CompactLogix 16-Ch Current Input Module Ser A

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Allen Bradley 1762-IF2OF2 /A MicroLogix 4-Ch Analog Module


Allen Bradley 1769-OF8C Ser /A CompactLogix 8-Ch Analog Output Module

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New Allen Bradley 1769-IF16C CompactLogix 16-Ch Current Input Module Ser A

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Allen Bradley 1769-OW16 /A CompactLogix 16-P AC/DC Relay Output

$800.00 $950.00

Allen Bradley 1769-OB32 /A CompactLogix 32 Point 24V DC Output Module

$550.00 $800.00

Allen-Bradley 1734-IB8S Ser B Channel 24VDC Safety Input Module

$950.00 $2,200.00
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New Allen-Bradley 1762-IA8 Ser A MicroLogix Input Module

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New Allen Bradley 1769-IF16C CompactLogix 16-Ch Current Input Module Series A

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Allen Bradley 1746-NO8I /A SLC 500 Analog Output Module

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New Sealed Allen Bradley 1769-IQ16/ A Compact I/O Input Module

Input/Output modules, or I/O modules, are a necessary tool for creating an integrated machine environment. You can leverage automated I/O modules to lower costs while improving safety ratings, efficiency, productivity, and more. We offer a full range of I/O modules to fit various size and point density requirements, so there’s a solution to fit any set-up. Explore modules to streamline and automate your processes today.

Input Module

Input modules allow you to communicate with your equipment. These controllers provide human-standard connections to actuators, sensors, panels, platforms, and more. You can use automated input modules to regulate, control, and optimize your operations. Modules offer proven results without the expense of custom-designed solutions, so explore input options for your facility.

Output Module

Output modules translate your machinery’s output into readable, actionable formats. An output module is a foundational element of your company’s operations as well as its automated communication network. Monitor processes, maintain sensors, and connect to your network using a modern output option.

Types Of I/O Devices

We offer a full range of industry-standard I/O modules to fit your needs. With chassis-based I/O selections, modules are carefully designed to integrate with a specific controller, tucked away in the same chassis to cut down on wiring costs and networking needs. Embedded I/O modules offer a conventional connection between machined actuators and their related input device. If your company relies on machine-embedded applications, an embedded I/O solution will lower your expansion costs while increasing your I/O capabilities. In-cabinet block distributed I/O are versatile options that can be safely installed in enclosures throughout your operation. In-cabinet distributed I/O modules include interface components for sensors and actuators, as well as network capabilities. Similarly, in-cabinet modular distributed I/O modules can also be located throughout your production floor. These modules are modular, allowing you to pick and choose the precise elements your facility needs. Choose from a range of interfaces, communication tools, adapters, and more. On-machine block distributed I/O modules are installed directly onto your machine, allowing for simple maintenance and reduced wiring requirements. In addition to the I/O modules themselves, we also offer expansion blocks for many models. Contact us today to learn more about automated I/O modules and how they can transform your operations.


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