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Industrial Motors

Industrial motors are at the heart of your operation. Your motors should provide efficient flexibility, allowing productivity to increase while also streamlining your process. We offer a full range of both AC electric motors and DC motors for sale. You can explore variable frequency drive AC motors, which are ideal for low and medium voltage uses. Our DC motors are optimized for original DC applications as well as retrofitted equipment. Whatever your current equipment lineup, an automated industrial motor can enhance and improve your output.

Types Of Motors

You expect great things from your industrial motors. After all, you need your motors and drives to perform in extreme conditions, such as outlier temperature ranges and stressful high-torque requirements. Carefully engineered harsh environment motors can provide a range of horsepower even in wet or food-service settings. Vector control motors are designed with inverter and vector usages in mind and offer consistent torque capacity. Finally, our general purpose industrial motors are carefully engineered for top performance in a range of primarily standard environments. Explore our full range of industrial motors to keep your operations running at full capacity, no matter the conditions.


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