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Industrial Drives

An industrial drive is designed to provide accurate control over a motor’s torque and speed. Choosing the right industrial drive depends on your needs and motor operation requirements. Our selection of industrial drive products offer flexibility and productivity to suit a variety of needs and motor functions. Our selections of power supply products includes on-machine, switched mode, and uninterruptible power supplies. No matter what type of power supply you need, we can help ensure quality and reliable operation with each product.

AC Drive

AC drives, also known as alternating current drives, help to provide a low-cost solution to control a motor’s speed while reducing energy consumption. With our AC drive products we can ensure quality and reliable operation with each product.

DC Drive

DC drives work to convert AC into direct current for a motor. Often used with drives and applications that need a consistent speed, our selection of DC drive products offer optimized voltage settings and quality operation for a variety of industrial uses.


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