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Human Machine Interface and Industrial PC

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Allen Bradley 2711p-T15c6a2 Panelview Plus 1500


New Allen Bradley 2711-T10C16 Ser /D PanelView 1000 Color Touch/DF1/RS-232 FRN 4.41


Allen Bradley 2711P-T7C4D8 /A PanelView Plus 700 Operator Interface


New Allen Bradley 2711P-B7C22D9P /B PanelView Plus 7 Color Key Touch

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New Sealed Allen Bradley 2711P-T10C4D9 /A PanelView Plus 6 1000 ENet/RS-232


New Sealed Allen Bradley 2711P-RP2A Ser G 2711P-RW2 RR128 PanelView Plus Module

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New Allen Bradley 2711P-B7C22A9P /A PanelView Plus 7 Color Touch


Allen Bradley 2711P-B7C22A9P /A PanelView Plus 7 Color Touch


Allen-Bradley 2711PC-T6M20D D PanelView Plus 600 HMI Touch Sceen 6" V 4.1.1

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New Allen Bradley 2711P-RDT10C B Panelview Plus 1000 HMI Display Touchscreen

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Allen Bradley 20-HIM-A6 Ser A PowerFlex 7-Class Enhanced HIM Keypad

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New Sealed Allen-Bradley 2711P-T9W22D9P/ B PanelView Plus 7 9" Touch Graphic Terminal

Human machine interfaces (HMI), industrial PCs, and other visualization tools help your team understand precisely what’s happening in your facility. Terminals and monitors allow your staff to track processes at a glance. With up-to-the-second data, you can always make informed decisions. Our complete range of HMI solutions is designed to perform in strenuous industrial settings. You can make the most of these tools with programmable software packages, remote access, automation solutions, and more.

What Is HMI?

Human machine interfaces allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your manufacturing processes through visualization. Operator interface terminals give immediate insights on the production floor, helping your team monitor the situation and make adjustments as needed. Enhance and expand your HMI with distributed client/server tools and information software. You can create a clean interface that drives production efficiency with a full HMI system.

Industrial Panel PC

An industrial panel PC is a computing system built for industrial or manufacturing applications. Despite containing the term “PC” in their name, industrial PCs go far beyond the capabilities of a standard consumer computer. Instead, an industrial PC provides greater reliability and precision, making them ideal for your complex production needs. Your industrial panel computer and monitor are designed to manage infrastructure, machinery, and analysis in any professional environment. Our industrial models provide form factor solutions to fit the physical challenges of your production floor. Industrial panel PCs are available in many different configurations, so you can select the RAM, SSDs storage, and processing capabilities you need. With a range of mounting options, operating temperatures, and other physical considerations, there is an industrial computer that’s ideal for your needs. We offer industrial display monitors in various screen dimensions, resolutions, storage settings, and performance as well. Industrial PCs are a foundational element of any modern production facility, so explore our options and ensure your company is using the best tools available.


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