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New Sealed Allen-Bradley 42EF-P2MPB-F4 SER D Photoelectric Sensor

$125.00 $165.00

Allen Bradley 1769-IF16C CompactLogix 16-Ch Current Input Module Ser A


Allen Bradley 20-750-ENETR /A PowerFlex 750 2-P ENet/IP Module


Allen Bradley 1769-OF8C Ser /A CompactLogix 8-Ch Analog Output Module


New Sealed Siemens 6ES7 214-1AF40-0XB0 Programmable Controller 6ES72141AF40

$1,200.00 $3,200.00

New PROSOFT MVI56E-MCM Modbus TCP/IP for ControlLogix


New Allen Bradley 2713P-T12WD1 PanelView 5310 12" Graphic Terminal


New Sealed Allen Bradley 42GRU-9200-QD Ser B Photoswitch Photoelectric Sensor


New Allen Bradley 1756-L81E /B ControlLogix Logix5580 Processor


New Sealed Allen Bradley 1769-IQ16/ A Compact I/O Input Module


Allen-Bradley 1734-IB8S Ser B Channel 24VDC Safety Input Module

$950.00 $2,200.00

Allen Bradley 1769-OB32 /A CompactLogix 32 Point 24V DC Output Module

$550.00 $800.00

PLC Systems

Programmable logic controller (PLC) systems provide multi-disciplinary, data-driven automation that can scale to fit all of your company’s needs. Automated PLC systems optimize your productivity and security to enable smart decision-making. Explore PLC systems for complex projects, streamlined tasks, and everything in between.

Human Machine Interfaces

A human machine interface (HMI) is a robust visualization tool that helps your team parse diverse data sources. Graphics terminals, tethered operator displays, and industrial computer monitors can create a comprehensive working dashboard, allowing you to improve productivity, increase creativity, and succeed in today’s globalized market.

Input/Output Modules

Input/output modules (I/O) can easily integrate with your systems to streamline your business processes. If you need I/O to work with a specific controller, consider a chassis-based I/O model. These options are installed locally in your controller’s chassis, reducing your equipment footprint. You can also explore distributed I/O models, which are ideal for mounting on machinery or arranging throughout your operation.

Industrial Communication

Industrial communication is a vital pillar of any enterprise. You can reduce silos and get your entire team on the same page through automated industrial communication tools. Automated communication systems begin with your manufacturing process and can share information between departments, facilities, regions, and further. Be as efficient as possible by automating your communication streams.

Industrial Drives

Power and operate a variety of machinery with automated industrial drives. With our full range of AC drives and DC drives, you can find a solution for every need. Choose from the flexibility of AC and CD variable frequency drives to fit a diverse array of applications. You can also explore automated drive software to further enhance your operations.

Industrial Motors

Industrial motors are designed to perform in extreme conditions such as elevated heat, high torque, harsh weather, and more. AC electric motors can provide power for application demands ranging from 2.2 to 11 kV. Our DC motors for sale are ideal for original DC motor applications as well as industrial motor retrofits.

Circuit Protection

Circuit protection devices offer an additional layer of safety for sensitive equipment such as pilot devices, relay coils, solenoids, and more. You’ve invested in your equipment, so protect with a full range of surge protectors, cut-off switches, circuit protection units, and more. You can keep your electronics and machinery operating safely through reliable, automated circuit protection.

Programmable Power Supply

Your company relies on a steady, constant power supply. Keep your facilities operational by automating your power supply. Our full range of industrial power supply options includes both switched-mode and uninterruptible power supplies, all engineered specifically to meet industrial electricity demands. Additionally, you can explore circuit transformers to maintain a safe power level for your operators.


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