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How the 2198-S130-ERS3 Can Revolutionize Your Industrial Automation Processes

Increased operational efficiency is one of Automation Parts Store most noteworthy benefits. Many processes, including inventory control, shelf stocking, and checkout procedures, are streamlined by automation. Employees can concentrate on more difficult and customer-focused tasks by automating mundane operations, increasing overall productivity. Additionally, automated retailers save a lot of money on expenses. Robotic systems can operate continuously, lowering labour costs and allowing merchants to efficiently distribute their workers. Aside from minimizing waste and guaranteeing exact stock levels, computerized inventory management also lessens the possibility of overstocking or under stocking items. Retailers of groceries can improve cost control and increase profitability as a result.

Boost the Robustness of Your Supply Chain

The efficiency and agility that so many supplies chain operators need is made possible by connectivity and automation. Download The Strategic Guide to Supply Chain Automation for Manufacturing, our free e-book, to learn more about how a low-code platform may help revolutionize your supply chain.

You will learn the following in addition to tips on how to improve your supply chain:

  • How to create more robust operations in 3 easy stages
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The Kinetix 5700 Digital Servo Drive is the 2198-S130-ERS3. The major specifications of this servo motor controller include nominal supply voltages of 240V and 480V and output powers of 22.5kW at 240V input and 44.9kW at 480V input. The servo drive's highest output current is 183.8 A, and its continuous output current is 91.9 A. The two (2) Ethernet ports that come with this drive are primarily utilized to create integrated motion over Ethernet I/P. It works with controllers, mainly those from the Logix automation platform, such as ControlLogix, Guard Logix, CompactLogix, or Compact Guard Logix controllers, particularly those with built-in motion support.

This drive's dual Ethernet I/P ports allow for the use of Device Level Ring and linear topologies. Normally, simplex, non-redundant networks employ linear While DLR is employed for robust, redundant, or fault-tolerant networks, boosting the availability of the network. The supported transmission speeds are 10 and 100 Mbps.

It is a Kinetix 5700 Dual-Axis module, the 2198-D020-ERS3. This module provides a continuous peak output current of 11.3 A and a continuous output power of 5.5 kW. The module has a maximum bandwidth of 400 Hz for the velocity loop and 1000 Hz for the current loop, both with a 4 kHz PWM frequency.

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