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Allen Bradley 1769-IF16C CompactLogix 16-Ch Current Input Module Ser A

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Allen Bradley 1762-IF2OF2 /A MicroLogix 4-Ch Analog Module

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Allen Bradley 1764-24AWA Series A Rev A MicroLogix 1500 with 1764-LSP

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Allen Bradley 1769-OW16 /A CompactLogix 16-P AC/DC Relay Output

$800.00 $950.00
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Allen Bradley 25B-D6P0N104 Powerflex 525 3hp Drive


Allen Bradley 1769-OB32 /A CompactLogix 32 Point 24V DC Output Module

$550.00 $800.00

Allen-Bradley 1769-AENTR Series A Dual Port Ethernet Module

$2,200.00 $5,600.00

Allen-Bradley 1734-IB8S Ser B Channel 24VDC Safety Input Module

$950.00 $2,200.00
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Allen Bradley 1746-NO8I /A SLC 500 Analog Output Module

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Allen Bradley 2711p-T15c6a2 Panelview Plus 1500

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Allen Bradley 1768-L45S /B CompactLogix Safety Processor WITH 1769-ECR


Allen Bradley 5069-IB8S Compact5000 DC Safety Input Module



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