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New Sealed Allen-Bradley 42EF-P2MPB-F4 SER D Photoelectric Sensor

$125.00 $165.00

Allen Bradley 1769-IF16C CompactLogix 16-Ch Current Input Module Ser A

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Allen Bradley 1762-IF2OF2 /A MicroLogix 4-Ch Analog Module


Allen Bradley 20-750-ENETR /A PowerFlex 750 2-P ENet/IP Module

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Allen Bradley 1764-24AWA Series A Rev A MicroLogix 1500 with 1764-LSP


Allen Bradley 1769-OF8C Ser /A CompactLogix 8-Ch Analog Output Module

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New Sealed Allen Bradley 2713P-T12WD1 PanelView 5310 12" Graphic Terminal

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New Sealed Allen Bradley 2090-UXBB-DM15 Ultra Series Breakout Board Kit

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New SICK MPS-064TSTP0 Position Sensor 1045668


New Sealed Allen Bradley 42GRU-9200-QD Ser B Photoswitch Photoelectric Sensor

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New Allen Bradley 1769-IF16C CompactLogix 16-Ch Current Input Module Ser A

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Allen Bradley 1769-OW16 /A CompactLogix 16-P AC/DC Relay Output

$800.00 $950.00
Our extensive catalog of Allen Bradley products and parts offer flexibility, productivity, quality, and reliability to suit any need or function. Regardless if you're in search of just one component like our multifunctional PLCs or require something more complicated like the entire automation system, we have what you need. Allen Bradley is renowned for its cutting-edge industrial automation systems that are frequently deployed across a variety of industries, including HVAC&R in the Food & Beverage Processing industry.

Allen Bradley Parts

Improve your automation system with our Allen Bradley parts. We offer a wide variety of products, including modular I/O systems that can be programmed to meet the specific needs of any application. These Allen Bradley parts are compatible with various products and can help improve and maintain controller functionality.

Allen Bradley PLC For Sale

All Allen Bradley PLCs for sale come from reputable, trusted sources that are 100% vetted and inspected. Allen Bradley PLC is designed to control, manage, or monitor input-output (I/O) for a variety of products and devices. Whether you're looking for a versatile PLC or trying to find one to run a particular application, ROC Automation has you covered.


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