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New Sealed Allen Bradley 1769-L27ERM-QBFC1B Ser A CompactLogix Controller


Allen Bradley 1769-L27ERM-QBFC1B Ser A CompactLogix Controller


New Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-L73 Ser B ControlLogix 5573 Processor




New Sealed Allen Bradley 1785-L80E /C PLC-5/80E EtherNet Controller


New Sealed Allen Bradley 1785-L80E /D PLC-5/80E EtherNet Controller


New Sealed Allen Bradley 1785-L80E /E PLC-5/80E EtherNet Controller


New Sealed Allen-Bradley 5069-L320ERS2 Ser B Compact GuardLogix 5380


New Sealed Allen Bradley 5069-L330ERMS3 Ser A Compact GuardLogix


Allen Bradley 1756-L75 Ser A ControlLogix 32 MB Controller


New Allen-Bradley 1769-L30ER-NSE CompactLogix 1MB No Cap Controller


Allen Bradley 1426-M5E Ser A Power Monitor 5000 Basic Module

Programmable logic controller or PLC systems are buildable, multidisciplinary automation solutions engineered to provide increased productivity throughout your facilities. We provide PLC applications for a range of different needs. Ranging from full-service PLC systems to micro-applications, explore our options to fully integrate your production.

What Is PLC?

PLC tools allow you to build a customized solution to your company’s challenges and opportunities. These systems start with clear display terminals that are easy for your team to understand. Connect your controller to your entire facility with robust Input/Output (I/O) modules, then analyze your performance with robust analysis and management software. PLC is a fast, efficient way to modernize your production capabilities through automation.

Programmable Logic Controller Basics

Programmable logic systems are a valuable investment because of their high level of customization. You can create a PLC system to fit your exact needs. Build your PLC system with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) to allow your team to monitor processes through a streamlined display. I/O modules connect your PLC system to the rest of your equipment, allowing for both input and output data to drive your industrial communication system. Industrial drives and industrial motors can connect to your PLC system, so you can automate performance in a variety of settings. Integrate your PLC to your programmable power supply and circuit protection equipment to maintain a constant, safe flow of energy.

Programmable Logic Controllers By Industry

Thanks to their custom capabilities, PLC systems are ideal for a variety of industries. Oil & gas companies can meet sustainability goals by automating safety and control systems, helping to protect the supply chain as well as the environment. Water wastewater facilities use PLC tools to integrate their treatment and distribution systems, decreasing costs and increasing productivity. The food and beverage industry is achieving higher product consistency and better taste thanks to PLC automation. Life sciences companies can maintain clean lab and production facilities through robust PLC tools. Explore these uses and many others to learn how programmable logic controllers can modernize any industry.


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