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New PROSOFT MVI56E-MCM Modbus TCP/IP for ControlLogix

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Prosoft MVI56E-AFC Liquid and Gas Flow Computer Module


Prosoft MV156 Communications Module

The Prosoft family of automation products provides industry-leading communication, connectivity, and networking tools. You can optimize your company’s production with modern innovations designed for a range of applications. Prosoft products are ideal for a variety of industries and uses, from the amusement and entertainment industry to mining, automotive, and oil and gas solutions. Explore Prosoft to discover tools and improve your operations.

Prosoft Technology

Prosoft offers a diverse line-up of technology solutions. Remote access tools allow you to monitor and interact with your equipment from anywhere, giving your company a new, agile response method. In-chassis electric and automation interfaces provide robust communication options for your existing machinery without requiring an additional footprint. Ethernet gateways and routers can streamline and modernize your facility. Whatever your needs, Prosoft’s technology solutions can help you update and improve your operations.

Prosoft Wireless

Industrial wireless is poised to transform your production methods. Prosoft’s industrial hotspots and wireless routers provide constant, steady bandwidth to support even the most intensive applications. Upgrade to high-resolution security video, maintain robust diagnostics, use instant communication methods, and more with the power of industrial wireless. Explore Prosoft’s wireless tools to discover a full range of wireless Internet applications available to your company.


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