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New Square D LJA34400WU31X PowerPact L I-Line Circuit Breaker 400A 3P 480V


New Schneider Electric Square D BJA36040 40Amp 600 Vac 3 Pole Circuit Breaker


Schneider ATS22D62Q Altistart 22 Soft Starter 57A 30KW

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Pro-Face 3280024-22 AGP3500-S1-D24 GP3000 Series Display


Schneider Modicon 140 DDI 84100 Input Module


Schneider Electric TSXRKY6 6 Slot Chassis


Schneider LV432808 4P NSX630N Without Trip Unit


Schneider Electric LV430629 3P NSX160NA


Schneider Electric LC1F2654 Contactor

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Schneider Electric HMIS85 with HMISAC Display

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Schneider Electric ATV71HD30N4 V3.3 ALTIVAR 71 Inverter Drive 40HP


Schneider Electric 33070 Trip Unit Micrologic 5.0

Check out our surplus stock of Schneider Electric industrial automation products and parts. These quality-made products offer versatile ways to automate your industry, ready for purchase at competitive prices.

Wide Selection of Schneider Electric Products

We carry a wide selection of Schneider Electric products for industrial automation and control functions. Featuring multi-purpose products from contractors and protection relays, grid automation software, HMI, PLC controllers, power supplies, our selection of Schneider Electric products can provide you with top-quality tools to automate your workflow reliably in any environment or industry need.

Schneider Electric Parts

Check out our Schneider Electric parts for use with various industrial automation products. You'll find the right part for each product with our extensive inventory, such as push buttons, switches, and sensors, which will help improve and maintain product functionality. Can't find the specific part you are looking for? Just contact us through our "request a quote" page so we can go in search of it for you instead!


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