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New SICK MPS-064TSTP0 Position Sensor 1045668


New Sealed SICK S32B-3011EA safety laser scanner 1056431


SICK 1081208 MRS1104C-111011 Lidar Sensors Outdoor, Series MRS1000


SICK CLV440-6010 Barcode Scanner P/N 1017984

Sick USA offers a range of intelligent sensors and automation tools to help companies operate more safely, efficiently, and sustainably. These innovative products are designed to detect, measure, monitor, and control a variety of processes. You can protect your investment, improve network integration, perform meaningful identifications, and determine live positions with tools from Sick USA. Explore the full range of sensors, automation processes, accessories, and other products to discover new horizons for your production capabilities.

Sick Sensors

Sick USA engineers smart sensors that exceed traditional measurement tools. When you install Sick sensors, you’re working with a system that generates and transmits data using modern, efficient methods. Sick sensors focus on four vital elements of your production: enhanced sensor performance, flexible and efficient communication, live diagnostics, and robust task monitoring. This cohesive approach to industrial sensors provides increased efficiency, flexibility, and security across your operations.

Sick Automation

Sick sensors bring decades of expertise to bear on your development, production, and distribution methods. Automation tools can enhance any industry through factory automation, logistics automation, and process automation. Sick USA’s automation solutions are ideal for a huge range of diverse industries, including natural resource refinement, consumer goods, medical equipment, consumables, automotive parts, and more. Logistics automation tools can be applied to construction, transportation, and warehousing, among others. Explore the entire Sick USA family to find the perfect product for your company.


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